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Marc & Sheri Shinsato

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How Far Dedication Can Take Someone

Marc received his MBA from Brigham Young University before entering the network marketing industry on the corporate side of things. But Marc started seeing all the freedom distributors were creating in their own lives. He wanted that—both for himself and his family, and he wanted to enjoy that time more fully. So Marc became a distributor.

That was 27 years ago. Since then, he’s made an impact at LifeVantage and across the entire industry. Time and time again, he’s shown how far dedication, hard work, and a great attitude can take someone. But despite all his success, Marc sees himself as a family man, married to the love of his life, Sheri, and father to four amazing children.

¹ The Distributor sales earnings disclosed in this document are potential gross earnings and not net of other business expenses and not necessarily representative of the actual income, if any, that a Distributor can or will earn through the LifeVantage Sales Compensation Plan. A Distributor’s earnings will depend on individual diligence, work effort and market conditions. LifeVantage does not guarantee any income or rank success.

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