Executive Master Pro 10

Blue Elam

A Success Story of

Heroic Resilience

On February 20th, we received news that one of our beloved Pro 10 families was involved in a high-speed crash on a highway in Arizona. The four family members were rushed to the hospital by helicopter and ambulance. As their injuries were still being determined by the doctors, the outpouring of love for Blue, Raelene, Celestial, Sariah and the whole Elam Family had already begun to spread among the LifeVantage family. The next few weeks would prove to be the most challenging-and yet uplifting the family could have imagined. Additional family members stepped up in herculean ways and used the opportunity to serve their family members in need.

Opportunities to Serve

Just a day before the accident, the family was attending their church services and had heard the story of a missionary who had broken his ankle in the early days of his mission service. During his recovery, he realized he would not be able to return to his mission, but he had come to understand that one can still serve in different capacities regardless of any physical limitations. After the accident when the family received news that Celestial and Sariah may not be able to walk again, there was a moment when their lifelong dream of serving a mission seemed to slip away. But immediately there were two thoughts that came into the girls’ minds. First, the story they had heard the Sunday prior, and they knew they could still serve. Secondly, they immediately knew that they still wanted to be a part of building homes in Mexico for LifeVantage’s “Families helping Families”. The Elam Family has always surrounded itself with opportunities to serve others.

Commitment and Determination

As we received updates on their recovery, members of the LifeVantage Corporate Team were blown away by the positive outlook coming from the family in each of the updates that were sent out. Kelly Rich, a member of the corporate sales team had worked with Blue in organizing an event in Arizona several weeks prior to the accident. On the day of the event, Blue left the rehab center and headed straight to the meeting.

“The Elam’s have faced incredible challenges, yet they still have a smile on their face and service in their heart.”

Since Blue could still not stand on his own, his sister who was not a LifeVantage distributor accompanied him to the meeting. Blue had committed to be at that event and he was determined to get there. Regardless of the pain and challenges his family was facing at that time, Blue knew he wanted to support his team in whatever way possible, and that night it was by encouraging and inspiring them with his words. His sister decided to join the business right after the meeting.

Inspiring to All

As the medical bills began to pile up, Blue remarked that the biggest comfort he had was knowing he only needed to focus on his family and support them in their recovery. The last thing on his mind was the money he needed to pay for it all. That is one of the beautiful things about the LifeVantage Opportunity, a person can dig their well before they get thirsty. The Elam’s have faced incredible challenges, yet they still have a smile on their face and service in their heart.

They have been an inspiration to thousands of people and today I’m proud to recognize the Elam Family as LifeVantage Heroes.

¹ The Distributor sales earnings disclosed in this document are potential gross earnings and not net of other business expenses and not necessarily representative of the actual income, if any, that a Distributor can or will earn through the LifeVantage Sales Compensation Plan. A Distributor’s earnings will depend on individual diligence, work effort and market conditions. LifeVantage does not guarantee any income or rank success.

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